Professional Values

Posted by Bri & Joshua

As a studio and individually, we are constantly discussing and evolving our ideas on what it means to be a design professional. We learned much of what we know today from serving AIGA Central Pennsylvania and the design community it creates. We know that practicing high work standards and having good customer service are simply not enough. Taking an empathetic approach is a core design principle, and we’ve found that assessing our impact goes beyond the success metrics of the work we do for our clients.

Design for Good

Design makes an impact. As responsible and ethical professionals, we work to mindfully align our work with the potential it has to create an effect, large or small. We contribute at least five percent of our time to projects that we feel make a social impact and warrant the attention of strategic minds. We believe that by giving back to our community and donating our time, we set a standard and precedent for our profession and our personal careers.

Professional Ethics & Leadership

We take our profession and responsibility as designers seriously. We align ourselves with a professional code of ethics and a constant devotion to lead our field forward. We have a voice and a platform to lead by example – holding ourselves and others to a set of ethics can change an industry. Design has the ability to create change in the world, and we take that seriously by working to lead by example, acting out of good faith and business, and supporting our local community.

Love Local > Think Global

We love where we’re from and want to support our home community in everything that we do. We recognize that we can achieve this by working with national and global brands and bringing our experiences and resources home. By sharing what we do and learn, and finding ways to weave it into our local economy and industry, we’re pushing businesses forward. Working nationally and globally allows us to bring diverse ideas to the challenges we’re hired to solve.

Why this Matters

In the world of design, technology and marketing it can be tough to sort out the hacks from the professionals. We’re sharing some of our values here in hopes of demonstrating the kind of professionals we are. We welcome your questions and input, and look forward to hearing from you.