Build STR Wealth Review

Build Str Wealth Review learning platform offers several different programs including a 3-day training course, Facebook ads training, Airbnb profit maximizer, and the Superhost Library. Some of these programs have a no-questions asked refund policy, while others do not.

STR investors should focus on unique properties with a scenic location, and make it a point to provide exceptional service. This will help them stand out from the competition and increase their ADR.

Build STR Wealth is an online learning platform that teaches students how to profit from short-term rentals (STRs). The program includes long and short courses, a resource library, and a private mastermind. The programs teach Bill Faeth’s STR strategy of geographical diversification, property transformation, and self-management and marketing.

The STR Mastermind is Bill’s flagship course that teaches students how to become a successful STR investor. The program includes Airbnb listing optimization techniques, pricing optimization, and free and paid marketing strategies. The course also covers how to manage a property and build a loyal client base independent of listing platforms. The program costs $15,000 and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

In his interview with Jonathan, Bill focuses on how to maximize average daily rates (ADR). He suggests using unique amenities and offering memorable experiences for guests to increase your revenue. For example, he recommends adding a bike rack or an outdoor grill to your STR, which can significantly improve its ADR. He also advises staying away from properties that are too similar to others. Instead, opt for unique and picturesque locations such as beaches, lakes, or mountains.

Bill Faeth is a serial entrepreneur and real estate investor with more than 21 multimillion-dollar companies to his name. He is also the founder of the STR Conference and STR Wealth Mastermind, a business coach, and host of two podcasts: STRonomics and STR Unfiltered. He is a former professional golfer and has over 20 years of business experience.

What is Bill Faeth?

Bill Faeth is a real estate entrepreneur who specializes in short-term rentals (STR). He has built a property portfolio that generates over $1 million in annual revenue. His strategy focuses on market research and unique amenities to attract repeat guests. He also emphasizes standardized business principles and cash flow to reduce risks and increase annual profit.

Bill’s advice to new investors is to focus on properties beside the sea, lake, or mountain. These properties are typically more expensive but will produce the highest average daily rate (ADR). He also advises against rental arbitrage because it is risky and does not offer a long-term investment.

Moreover, he recommends investing in small amenities that will increase the guest experience. These include items like bicycles, golf carts, paddle boards, and beach toys. In addition, he suggests focusing on high-quality marketing to attract the best clients. In this way, you can build a loyal client base independent of listing platforms.

Despite the controversy over the future of Airbnb, Bill Faeth remains confident in the industry’s growth. He is a serial entrepreneur and has bootstrapped 31 companies with 19 successful exits. He has a strong background in real estate and short-term rentals, and he has created several resources to help people succeed in the industry. In addition to his popular YouTube channel, Bill has founded Limo University and Glow Golf. He has also appeared on various podcasts, including STRonomics and STR Unfiltered. He has a bachelor’s degree in marketing from UCLA. He currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

Does Build STR Wealth work?

Build STR Wealth is a program that offers training and advice for short-term rental investors. It covers everything from how to get into the industry to how to maximize your profits. In addition, it provides training on marketing and hospitality. These strategies are important for building a successful business.

The program is also a great way to meet other STR investors and learn from them. It offers a free Facebook group where you can connect with other people who are interested in the same thing. This group is a great way to share tips and tricks and provide value to others. It is also a good place to ask questions.

Another key part of the Build STR Wealth strategy is that it focuses on unique properties. This is because they have a higher gross income potential than long-term rentals. However, they also come with higher maintenance and management costs. The program teaches you how to reduce these costs and increase your annual profit.

STRs are popular among travelers because they offer more flexibility and freedom than hotels. They are also often located near attractions and events. This makes them a great option for families and business travelers. Additionally, STRs are a great way to make passive income. The problem is that most STR owners don’t know how to maximize their profits. This is why Build STR Wealth is such an important resource for those in the STR industry.

In the Build STR Wealth course, Bill Faeth teaches students how to become successful in the short-term rental industry by emphasizing calculation and hospitality. He also emphasizes the importance of marketing and what he calls “plus ones.” These are extra amenities that can add to a guest’s experience but do not have to be included in the base rental price.

Kyle is a real estate investor who has built six-figures in his STR business. He has a podcast, a blog, and a YouTube channel to help other people succeed in the industry. He also hosts a mastermind for STR investors. He has a unique perspective on the industry and is a great source of information for newbies.

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